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Welcome to WhatsTheIssue®

WhatsTheIssue® is a Bar preparation program that includes lessons and instructional videos on Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law & Procedure, Property, Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Federal Civil Procedure.

The basis of the name, WhatsTheIssue? is from the overwhelming problem most students have in identifying the ONE issue that is being tested in each question on the Bar. Rather than just having hundreds of “fancy words” and latin phrases in your head, I teach you HOW to identify the single rule or issue that is presented and HOW to locate the single corresponding answer. If you know WHAT the issue is, you will know WHY you are picking the answer you choose—rather than thinking what the answer MIGHT BE! In fact, one of my mantras for the Bar is:

The less you think, the better you will do.

After reviewing the following pages, you will see that I have a practical, down to earth, and personal approach to the Bar exam. Whether you are a first time taker or repeater, you can prepare yourself for success—and without being bored, exhausted or insecure.

I teach fundamentals of law, and easy to apply techniques for both the MBE and Essay portions of the test, techniques designed to teach you HOW to pass the test, not just learn more information.

While I am located in Florida, and most of my students are taking the Florida Bar, I have successfully worked with students from states including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.

I meet with students in my home office, and I speak with many out-of-area students by phone. If you’re interested in understanding the core ISSUES at the core of your Bar exam, I will be happy to discuss scheduling and rates with you on an individual basis. If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you about how I can help you through the process with less stress and more confidence than any other Bar tutorial service available.

A few of my other mantras for the Exam:

They are not trying to trick you; they know you will trick yourself.

The longer the fact pattern, the easier the answer.

For this test…less is more.

You will never know everything; but what you do know, know COLD.

Whether or not these make sense to you now, they will soon! If you start practicing these and other principles, you will not simply hope to pass—you will truly believe in it!



John deconstructs the MBEs for his students in a simple manner. He helps you understand how the questions and answer choices are written, emphasizing where the bar examiners confuse you.

Also noteworthy is John’s ability to teach the material in a fun and lighthearted way. You can actually look forward to studying for the MBEs because his videos are filled with great examples that are not only effective but funny. He takes the fear and anxiety students face and organically converts that into confidence through his clear explanations and motivational words of encouragement.

After I watched his videos and began implementing his methods and advice, it wasn’t long before I started to consistently score 75% on my practice sets (and sometimes even 80%). I was in sincere disbelief how he took something that was seemingly impossible to figure out on my own and explained it in such a straightforward way. Suddenly, the MBEs were the least worrisome part of the exam for me.

Watch his videos and you’ll see John’s genuine enthusiasm for giving you the tools to do well. Systematically use his approach and trust that in a matter of time you will be able to intelligently take apart the dense and convoluted fact patterns, refrain from reading nonexistent facts into them and finally answer them correctly!

There are no words to describe what John brings to the table as a teacher. I failed the first time and enlisted John’s services. John’s insight into the bar and his approach of assisting students get to the crux of the issue with precision, should be modeled in every bar prep course in the country. His compassion and willingness to make each subject in the MBE easily understandable is a gift that is second to none. His approach to the Florida Essays are so down to earth and easily learnable, you’d almost wish you had this insight as a 1L. I am an attorney because of your guidance, and commitment, and because of that I say thank you. Any student prepping for the bar needs to have your insight and knowledge. Big bar prep companies that make all these guarantees, can’t compete with what you bring to table. Please let me know if there are any students preparing for the upcoming bar that you need me to speak to going forward. They all need to know “what’s the issue”!
Before finally passing in the fall of 2008, I had taken the MBE three times. I had “the BarBri experience” upon graduating law school and I also had used MicroMash and PMBR, at different times, both in a group setting and on my own. I felt prepared every time, my practice rests indicated that I would pass with flying colors, but, somehow I just kept failing. On my third try, I failed by one point. At a complete loss, and knowing that I would again be working full-time while studying and that this was likely the last chance my employer could give me, I knew I needed a different approach. I contacted my law school dean, who recommended Jonathan Grossman.
My experience with Jon was entirely unlike anything I had done in the past. I can only describe the process as having internalized the fundamentals of the MBE subject to the point that the elements of each topic were second nature, and I did not have to think about what was built into the distinct points of law; I just knew it and was able to attack the questions without having to spend time going through everything in my head every time. In essence, Jon taught me to simplify the bar.
In retrospect, I probably spent less than half the total hours studying as at anytime in the past. Jon taught me to stop over analyzing every question and trying to handle it as guessing myself, but it was not a blind, hopeful trust; rather (and for the first time ever), it was confident reliance on a solid understanding of the law, consciously directed to appropriately address each individual question. His approach was flexible, patient, encouraging, and innovative. If I was unable to grasp a point, he found a way to get through to me… or found a way to convince me to let it go – a fine accomplishment considering my tendency to hopelessly latch on to minute, inconsequential details.
The thousands of practice questions I had done over the course of two years indicated that I knew the law. Clearly, the law was not my problem. The test was the problem. Simply put, Jon taught me to beat the test.
I am infinitely grateful to Jon for guiding me to a point that allowed me to pass the MBE and, finally, after two years of the same exhausting and fruitless cycle, move on with my life. As a self-pronounced “veteran of the bar,” having attempted the MBE a total of four times, I can say with absolute conviction that I finally passed only because I had Jon’s help.
Because of you I am a lawyer. I owe you a life time of gratitude. Words can not describe how much you mean to people like me. We never gave up, and we acomplished our goal. Please never stop tutoring students for the bar. We need people like you who truly believe in us and believe that we deserve to practice law. People like me who have taken the exam 3 or 4 times, truly appreciate what it means to be a lawyer. I know that we look at our bar cards and remember all the hard work and determination it took to earn that bar card.
Please call me if you need me to speak on your behalf with any potential students or any law schools that may want your assistance in helping their students pass the bar. Any student who is debating on whether to hire your to help them study, please have them call me and I will not only vouch for you, but I will also be helping them make the right decision in order for them to be best prepared for the exam.
“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacle you had to overcome to reach your goals”
Booker T. Washington
The quote above is one of the reasons why I passed the exam. I typed it out on a piece of paper and everyday before I started to study for the exam I read it out loud to myself. Pleaseeeeeee, make your students type it out and tell them that whenever they feel tired, or discouraged, they should read it to themselves. Reading this quote is worth at least 5 points on the MBE, I promise this to any student.
Thank you again for everything. Today is the greatest day of my life, and I owe all of it to you.
To take and pass the MBE the second time around, I needed help! With your help, coaching and personalized study plan, I was able to raise my MBE score from 120 to 158!! Needless to say, I passed with flying colors. Thank You So Much!
“Professor Grossman’s approach to the Bar exam is by far the most effective I have ever seen. His no-nonsense strategy eliminates the myriad of extraneous details that overwhelm most students, condenses the massive universe of information into something manageable, and fortifies one’s knowledge and understanding of the key rules that one needs to pass the Bar with confidence. Whereas most teachers tend to have an aimless ‘kitchen sink approach’ that attempts to cram as many random rules as possible into students’ heads, Professor Grossman identifies clearly for students the core concepts that actually appear on the test. Grossman’s targeted techniques keep students from wandering off onto law school-like debates, and trains them with the clear purpose of passing the Bar exam. Professor Grossman’s strategic, efficient and highly effective methods ar e only made more impactful by his terrific sense of humor and his warm personality. I honestly cannot recommend Professor Grossman highly enough.”
If there is anything else that I can do, please let me know as I’d be happy to help.
I passed the Connecticut 2008 July Bar. This would not have been possible without Jonathan Grossman. After being a repeated failure, I was discouraged but Jonathan’s enthusian and brain helped me pass! At the beginning of my studying I sent Jonathan the past 4 Connecticut Bar Exams for us to review together. We spoke 2-3 times a week for 10 weeks over the phone for tutoring. I would prepare answers to essay questions as well as any questions I had about the black letter law. He was extremely helpful in the MBE, which was my downfall. He told me to buy a book called “Strategies and Tactics,” and I read, answered and understood each and every question with his help. That book and his explantations were the key to my success. I would recommend Jonathan Grossman to every student. He is brilliant, reliable and dedicated.
Hi Jon! The best thing about having Jonathan as a mentor and bar prep coach is the fact that he makes sure you know that you can actually get through this exam successfully!! On those days that I felt overwhelmed and questioned my abilities—-Jonathan would look at me with a firm, but friendly smile and say something like—“You are going in and taking control of the bar, they don’t have control of you.” When he tells you that you are ready and that you’ve got this—-he means it. No bull, no sugar-coating—you can take his word to the bank! I scored a 154 on both parts of the February 2009 Florida Bar without feel overwhelmed by the whole experience. I attribute my success in great part to Jonathan’s calm, assured and at appropriate times, stress relieving, comedic tutelage. Holly, JD 2009, Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law.
Jon helped me create an individualized study plan and keep me on track. We went over the problems I got incorrect. He would break them down clearly and help me learn ‘the why’ behind why I missed the question instead of moving at a speed pace through the questions. It was a quality over quantity approach which proved highly successful. After I started to realize why I was missing the same style of questions over and over, I was able to pick up the pace. Then, I had done enough repetition of the questions they got easier and easier. He helped me pay attention to minor details (which the questions turn on) and learn the intricacies which trip up most test takers. From studying with Jon, I went from a 134 to a 149 on the MBE! The MBE is where it’s at! When you get up to that score you will pretty much pass any state portion. And, Jon is hilarious…it makes the experience as fun as it can be.
Coming from an out of state law school and taking the Maryland Bar Exam was a challenge that the majority of my classmates did not have to face. Unlike the other test takers who went to in state schools, I missed out on the years of picking up the rules and details that could mean the difference between passing and failing the state portion of the exam. I did everything that BarBri and the other big prep companies told me to do. I listened and took notes in every one of their lectures, did their practice problems and studied their “outlines” until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. After all that time and effort, it turned out to be for nothing as I failed the exam.
I went to Jon for help and he was there for me in a way that the big companies never could be. He used his experience and knowledge to help me figure out what would work for me and create a plan to get over this hurdle. Jon helped me in both strategy and inspiration for the months of hard work ahead and always made himself available when I needed. More than anyone else, I have to thank him because the second time I took the Maryland Bar Exam, I passed. Thanks Jon.
In terms of jobs, it’s really rough out there in the market but I’ve got some things in the pipeline right now. In actuality, now that I passed this ridiculous test, the last thing I’m worried about is going out and living my life in the real world!
These phrases rung through my head not only as I practiced for the Florida Bar Exam and the Texas Bar Exam, but even during the examinations. These tiny gems of genius were provided by Jon Grossman who I can only sum up his methods of bar exam preparation as purely awesome. Even if you are the most horrible multiple choice test taker, after taking Jon’s class you will find that you can figure out the exam and pass. Jon has the guidance and key tools that will make you be a successful bar examination taker and pass the bar exam. Throughout Jon’s class I came to learn that I was capable of passing the exam if I slowed down, paid attention to the questions, and practiced. With Jon’s assistance I am proud to say that I have passed two of the hardest examinations in the country. Because there was no reciprocity between Florida and Texas, I had to take the MBE twice. Needless to say, Jon was there and showed me how to approach each type of question step by step so that I could answer quickly and effectively. I stand by his teachings and I know that anyone who uses him as a tutor and mentor will pass if they follow his method.
Nadia Ramkissoon, Esquire
Mr. Jonathan Grossman…..
Everyone struggling to pass the Bar should be fortunate enough to find you. A “thank-you” doesn’t seem sufficient for the mountain you helped me conquer. Your patience, kindness, professionalism, and genuine concern to understand each student is unmatched. The first time I heard you present was during the the MBE 5-day course and at the end of the day I said to myself – “how did he make that seem so easy – this guy makes sense to me”…. Regrettably, it was two bars later before I was fortunate enough to find you again. If I hadn’t started tutoring with you, I probably would still be trying to pass or, I would have given up by now. Your true knowledge for how to attack bar questions is unmatched. It’s not just how well you know the Bar and how you know exactly what to look for and expect every time, it is your gift for getting through to students such as myself, who struggle to get over that last hump. A lot of people can tell me that ‘it’s all about the call of the question’, but it’s your method, your personality and your understanding of each individuals needs that make you an invaluable tool for anyone taking the Bar. I walked out of each session feeling more confident and equipped with the tools to enhance my preparation in less than 60 minutes with you a week. Your approach WORKS and your ability to convey it to others is something really special. I recommend you to anyone I meet who has failed the bar. I strongly recommend anyone preparing for the bar – for the 1st, 3rd, or 10th time, take advantage of such a special talent that is you. So while your choice in football Gods leaves something to be desired, I want you to know you one million “thank-you’s” could not convey how grateful and appreciative I am for meeting you.
So, with all my sincerity, thank you.
Good luck Sunday.
Go Packers.
To Mr. Grossman ~
I wanted to pass the bar exam with one try – in my mind I referred to my potential success as the one hitter quitter. I needed a strategy with a guarantee. I searched and compared and “interviewed” perspective tutors and tutorial programs and then I found you. Mr. Grossman, you are a quiet storm with a core of perfection. The most imperative aspect of my time with you was that you found MY issue quickly and focused on “junking” the portion of my thinking that you saw as problematic in order to allow me to adequately prepare to sit for and pass the California bar exam.
You know this material and you know it well is what you would tell me, my answer would be ” I know Mr. Grossman – so what’s my issue?” I was doing too much thinking too much looking around to make sure that I covered all aspects of all issues and essentially overexerting my efforts, misdirecting my focus and essentially stressing myself out. I knew this and I had heard this before but until I discovered Mr. Grossman and his program I never knew exactly how to channel that excessive behavior into a more effective study tool. You helped me realized that being smart is only a portion of being successful on the bar exam, more importantly is conveying that wealth of knowledge in a calm confident manner. And for that I thank you.
Preparing for the Bar is a daunting task for anyone…
For a repeat-taker, working full-time, it felt nearly impossible. I knew I couldn’t rely on the bloated bar courses traditionally used, so I turned to Jonathan. His program does two things that are integral to success on the bar (and different from traditional courses): (1) it focuses on absorbing fundamental concepts and (2) it requires constant repetition of those concepts until they are instinctive. Jonathan’s style of teaching is direct; he doesn’t waste time and his assignments are geared toward effectiveness. Over the course of six months of studying, passing the Bar went from impossible to achievable. If you follow his advice and put in the focused work his program requires, you’ll pass with confidence. Thanks, Jonathan!
You are an incredible BAR Coach and motivator. Words will never suffice to express the amount of gratitude and respect that I have for you! It is truly amazing the way in which you simplify the BAR and develop a working strategy that’s individualized and streamlined for success. As a wife, mother of 3 children under the age of six and a business owner, studying for the FL Bar was especially challenging and for that reason I opted out of the commercial courses the first time around. I knew I had limited time and could learn the law on my own. Nevertheless, I failed the FL Bar and felt as though my world was crumbling before me. You found the right words to motivate me and get me focused for the second time around. You reviewed my scores and knew exactly where I went wrong. Then you reassured me and personalized a study schedule taking into consideration my family’s needs as well as my availability to my business. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or discouraged you knew exactly what to say to make it better again. You truly have created the perfect storm for succeeding the Bar with just the right amount of law coupled with foolproof skills and techniques to tackling each portion of the Bar! I am eternally grateful to you and recommend you to anyone taking the Bar! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I had the good fortune of both discovering and working with Professor Jonathan Grossman in preparation for the Florida bar exam. After initially enrolling in a general prep course, I did not feel that my individual concerns and weakness were being identified, let alone corrected. Instead, I thought I was being served a “one-size-fits-all” type of study program.
This is where I started to work with Professor Grossman. He really has a gift of being able to instantly recognize and address a student’s weaknesses like a science. Once Professor Grossman identifies your mistakes, he immediately develops a plan of what the student has to do to fix the error. Mr. Grossman’s help was the key to my success. In my opinion, working with John leads to passing the bar.
As you know, I moved to Florida in July 2013 for family reasons, and was committed to continue practicing law.
The last time I had taken a bar exam was 1976, so it was a challenge. I took the July 2013 exam and passed the MBE, but to my surprise failed the Florida part of the exam. I had taken a bar review course on-line, but it had not really prepared me for taking the Florida essays. Fortunately, I came across your web site and got in contact. After working with you, including a dozen or so practice essays, you taught me the right way to present an essay for the Florida Bar Examiners. I cannot thank you enough for getting me through the process that allowed me to pass the Florida section of Bar in February 2014. For anyone who has not taken a bar exam at all or particularly for anyone who is coming to Florida after a long career elsewhere, I think working with Jonathan is a must.
You will develop a discipline that is crucial in presenting your knowledge in an appropriate manner to the Florida Bar Examiners. I can’t thank you enough.
Hi there, I know I already texted my ‘thanks’ to you, but I just have a few more words to say. I totally entered the Bar prep experience scared to death about the essay portion of the Florida part of the exam. In fact, I put off ‘learning’ how to write the essays and ‘mastering’ it as long as I could. I toyed with the essays during the semester with your prodding, and doing one issue at a time was doable. But, I literally was incredibly scared to death to tackle an entire essay question. I kept making excuses, didn’t know the material, didn’t have time, multistate was more important b/c it would carry over to Florida and help me pass Florida!!!

BUT, I have to let you know. I made myself my 2-3 page cheat sheets with all my “hot topics” like you suggested. Just making those sheets helped me learn the info without even realizing it. As I added to my sheets, I then started to face my fear. By three weeks before the exam I was scoring “above expectation” on every essay I submitted, and I seriously enjoyed the writing experience.

Long story, I know, but everything you said to us in our last semester was true, and I just want all my friends who are graduating this year (most of them have you in class this semester) to learn from you, just like I did. Keep hounding the same things you did for us, because everything you said made it possible for me to pass the Florida portion of the exam. I actually scored better for Florida (154) than multistate (148), and i thought I was better prepared for multistate, but I’m thrilled with my scores, and owe a huge ‘thank-you’ to you.

I’m a non-traditional graduate, have a great job now, and am now getting the opportunity to enjoy the success of my hard work. But I would be a fool to think I did it on my own, and I thank you 100x over for what you did for me.

P.S. I’m sending a CC to Kaci at Barry, because I want the school to know how important your instruction was in helping me prepare for and pass the Bar Exam. I hope you’re Okay with me sending the CC to Barry./mb

Mary Beth
I want to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent work in helping me pass the multi-state section of the bar exam. I had taken the two nationally known bar review courses on previous occasions and although I passed the Florida section I failed to make it on the multi-state portion. As you know, I am 72 years old and I have been practicing law in the State of New York for over 45 years. When I began my preparation with you, I knew that statistically, having failed the multi-state section of the bar on three previous occasions, my chances were low in making it this fourth time. However, this fourth time, I got real lucky. I retained a tutor who not only taught me the proper way to approach the exam, pointed out to me the law that I needed to know and most importantly encouraged me and made me believe that I was going to pass – all done with a fabulous and engaging sense of humor that made each session something to look forward to.

Thank you again for your services to me. You can be sure that I will encourage anyone to consult with you who inquires to me about the best review course to prepare for the Florida bar. I will also tell them that you have the unique ability to make a difference in peoples careers.

To take and pass the MBE the second time around, I needed help! With your help, coaching and personalized study plan, I was able to raise my MBE score from 120 to 158!! Needless to say, I passed with flying colors. Thank You So Much!
Jon’s approach to MBE law is practical and effective, using interactive learning and repetition to promote memorization. Jon’s outlines allowed me to easily recall the material and repeat it concisely. He began the class with an MBE question – it was Greek to me. After reviewing only two of the seven MBE subjects, I took a practice MBE and earned almost a passing score. Most importantly, Jon taught me how to take a bar exam. By explaining how the questions were designed, he took away the mystery and showed me that I could pass. What more can I say about Jon? If you want to pass the bar, look no further.
Erin Sperger, Esq., Seattle, WA
Preparing for and taking the bar exam is the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done. The sheer amount of information you are expected to know is very intimidating. This is where Jon comes in. While Jon is a very good teacher of the information (he always keeps his lessons funny and entertaining), I believe his most helpful traits are that he makes you believe you will pass and his ability to calm you down when you feel like you can’t do it.

Jon sincerely cares about his students and wants them to succeed. There were many times when I thought that there was no way I could cram any more law into my head. A simple conversation with Jon got me back on track and refocused. Jon even went to Tampa with us on the days of the test. Just seeing him there knowing that he believes in you makes you really feel like you are going to pass this test.

For the two months leading up to the test, Jon and I spoke often and we became close. I do not think of his as just a teacher, but as a friend. I believe that Jon was the single most important person for my success on the July 2009 Florida Bar Exam. When I decided to take the February 2010 North Carolina Bar Exam as well, I again turned to Jon when I began to doubt myself. Now, because of Jon, I am proud to say that I am a licensed attorney in both Florida and North Carolina. Thanks Jon. I couldn’t have done it without you!

To anyone reading this: If you want to pass your bar exam, USE JON! He is the most valuable resource I have come across!

K. Brandon Remington, Esq.
Hi, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for my friend and mentor, Jonathan Grossman. I had taken the bar in Florida and was stymied by the MBE. I had hit a brick wall and had nowhere to go. I found out about Jon through one of the commercial Bar Prep companies.

We spoke and I immediately felt better because he seemed to have a genuine grasp of my situation and problem I was having. Also, with my physical disability my bar testing conditions were different than the average person. I took the bar using three days as opposed to the normal two. I had to transition from Multi State to the State portion in the same day which was difficult for me, Jon knew how I should adapt to that. Jon is always positive and uses humor to get you through the bar preparation experience. Jon knows how to drill into the questions, he teaches you how to dissect them so that during the bar when you are tense and stressed you have executed Jon’s system so many times that you just take a deep breath and do it again. Jon teaches you in such a way that you know what to do and when to do it. Jon knows how the bar exam is designed and how people react to it. He knows how to help you avoid the common mistakes and take those massive and far too comprehensive bar books and break it down to what you actually need to pass the test and do what we went to law school for in the first place, practice law.

Even when I didn’t immediately pass the bar working with Jon, he encouraged me with his words, “they didn’t get you and you didn’t get yourself”, meaning we had overcome my difficulties we just needed to take another swing at it. We did and knocked it out of the park. Thanks to Jon. Now I run my own firm and this would not have been possible without the help and support of Jon Grossman. I am lucky to call him my friend.

Hi Professor Grossman,

Please see my testimonial below. If you need me to do anything else please let me know!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

I think this describes Professor Grossman’s philosophy perfectly.
I can honestly say I successfully passed the FL bar exam the first time because of Professor Grossman. I am truly grateful to have been taught by such a dedicated and inspiring person. He made me believe I could tackle this dreaded exam by knowing the basics and using a common sense approach (who knew??) – despite the mountain of books/notes we have for bar prep.

When I felt overwhelmed and thought to myself, “how am I going to remember all of this?” I went back to Professor Grossman’s lessons and tips and I felt confident again. I will always remember Professor Grossman saying to trust your gut (and not just when answering multiple choice questions). He made me realize you really do trick yourself when you think too much – so “shut up and pick it!!”

Many many thanks and appreciation for what you do.

Adaptibar and John Grossman are the reason I breezed through the MBE portion of the Bar Exam. Grossman’s approach is completely different than any other approach and twice as effective. His approach focuses on speed and precision as opposed to trying to teach you every detail of every law, which is an impossible task. Using Grossman’s approach I completed the MBE sections in only 1 hour and 20 minutes each, that’s less than half the allotted 3 hours per section. This program is not a compliment to other bar preparation programs, it is a MUST if you want to breeze through the MBE like I did.
Prior to contacting Whats the Issue, I had tried so hard to pass the bar exam, and unsuccessfully used about 4 other courses out there. However, when I finally came across Whats the Issue, I was able to meet weekly with Jonathan Grossman, and utilized his study strategies which helped me understand and conquer the bar exam. I worked full time, am a wife and a mother, so the quality not the quantity was key for me. By meeting weekly with him and listening over and over “dumb down the questions, and just take time and read each question,” made me really look at the subjects that were being tested and eliminate the incorrect answers. He also broke down the subjects in a way I have never seen before I would recommend to everyone that they contact Whats the issue and Jonathan Grossman. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINALLY HELPING ME REACH MY GOAL.
Dear Bar Exam Candidates:

If the LSAT is basically a test of how bad you want to go to law school, then the Bar Exam, especially the MBE, is really a much tougher standardized test of how bad you want to be a lawyer. And, with plummeting bar passage rates in Florida, New Jersey, etc. (just Google them) I just couldn’t take the risk in not passing, which is why I sought the expert help of Jon Grossman—before I ever failed. This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive to smart, competitive, law students, but a first-time bar exam failure is forever (just Google that too), and a low MBE score is the main reason candidates fail.

Now, you may hear from some former law students, faculty, and practicing attorneys that if you do most of a “Big Box” company’s bar review course that “you will be fine.” Well, that may have been true in Florida before they added Civil Procedure to the MBE, and 5 new subjects to the Florida essays (where knowing MBE topics “cold” will help you in writing essays—trust me), but I would not really count on that now.

Jon Grossman’s Adaptibar Videos (I did them all) and our personal sessions showed me the way through the MBE with techniques to “keep things separate” in Torts and “it’s just a definition” in Real Property. With that, I am happy to say that I am now a first-time bar exam passer for both the Florida and New Jersey bar exams. Bottom Line: Turn the tables on you bar exam “competition,” which in reality is whoever else is taking the bar exam that season (as it’s curved), and work with Jon Grossman and do what he says before you ever fail—not after.

Best of Luck!

Jonathan has a very straightforward, no frills approach to studying for the bar. If you follow his well developed study plan – you cannot fail.
There’s no magic to passing the Bar – and Jonathan reminds you of this throughout the preparation process. Jonathon sticks to the fundamentals of law as it applies to the Bar exam. He guides you through the tedious preparation process using foolproof study techniques that build your confidence – as well has your knowledge – so that you will be 100% ready on Bar exam day — and he does so with a sense of wit and humor that actually makes the process seem fun.