About Me

About Me

I took the Florida Bar the first time in 1989, and after not studying much at all, I failed. So why did I take it? To keep my parents happy and quiet, as they could not understand why I went to Law School and did not want to be a lawyer. It is true that I never wanted to practice law anyway—so I went into private business and never looked back.

In the Fall of 2001, for personal and professional reasons, I decided to take the test again. I was working for myself at the time, so I did not have 10-12 hours per day to study. Even if I did, I was well past that point in my life where I could sit for that period of time and read from an outline.

I took a traditional course, did the questions, and tried to keep up with the schedule. It was clear to me very quickly that there had to be a better way, so I adapted the materials and schedule to what I knew instinctively made sense to me.

I was fortunate to pass the February 2002 exam, and soon thereafter was offered the chance to work with a few students who had recently not passed. I agreed and found out that not only would the students get the same questions wrong—they would all pick the same wrong answers! When I read their essays, they would all look exactly the same.

I began to study these questions and essays and analyze WHY we all pick the same answers and make similar mistakes. Next, I developed techniques that any student can pick up and use no matter what subject or how they feel about the material.

I have been fortunate that word spread about my program, and I currently offer my services to a variety of students. I am an Adjunct Instructor at Barry University School of Law, where I teach a Bar Prep Course to 3rd year students. Additionally, I teach classes for Kaplan/PMBR in their 6 day program, and for the Essay Workshop and Florida Distinction courses.

The majority of my time is spent working one on one with students as they prepare for the exam for the first time—or in most cases, for the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th or 10th time. Yes, most of my students are repeat takers, and as you may know, the national pass rate for repeat takers is around 35-39%. My students, the ones who do the work and follow the guidance I have developed, have consistently been passing at a rate between 70-75%.

They say you are “lucky” if you know what you are meant to do with your life, and I tell all my students that the reason I passed that formidable test was to find what I was supposed to do with my life—help others get over the hurdle so they can find their own happiness! I look forward to receiving that exciting phone call from each of my students, to hear them shout with joy, “I passed!”