The first step in the process is you and I having a phone conversation so I can gather some information about your situation, i.e. are you a first time taker, repeater, did you pass one part, etc.. I have also found it to be important for you to be “comfortable” with my approach so a good talk is a nice way for us to “break the ice”. I believe that “building confidence” is a critical part of this experience and I want you to get a sense that my approach will empower you to gain that “I will pass” mentality!

If you are ready to move forward, I give you the first week’s assignment for you to review on your own. I tell you how to review the material, what to study, and what NOT to study. Most students already have sufficient books, outlines, etc. so we discuss HOW to use what you already have in the most efficient way. I have skeletal outlines that I give you just to keep you organized, but they are not recommended as your primary source for content.

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During our conversation, we set up a meeting, either at my home office, or by telephone for the following week. During that first session, it will be mostly Q &A, where I quiz you on the Blackletter law; to be sure you are retaining the information as you need to for the exam. Once you get the idea as to how you need to keep the information in your head, we move to the practical techniques of either doing MBE questions or writing essays.

At the end of each session, I give you the next assignment, tell you how to review, what questions to be doing during the week, etc.

As you are reviewing on your own during the week, you are welcome to e-mail or call me with any questions that arise, whether they are substantive, practice questions you don’t understand, or you just need a pat on the back, a kick in the butt, or just need to vent!

We proceed week to week until the exam, or I adjust the schedule to accommodate whatever you request.

I discuss my rates with you when we speak, but it is only based on each session I have with you. I do not ask for any fee up front, there are no minimum number of sessions or flat fees.

Occasionally, upon request, I do group sessions of 2-3 students, but it rarely works for an extended period of time.

My plan is based on fundamental blackletter law, constant review to retain the material, repetition of proper techniques so you “react” to questions aggressively rather than “thinking” too much, and truly learning from your mistakes, which makes you more relaxed, prepared and confident!