First-Time Takers

First Time Facing the Bar Exam?

No problem!

While almost all first time takers sign up for a commercial review course, many students are overwhelmed by the schedule, assignments, and the sheer volume of material they are asked to learn. Shortly after the courses begin, students fall behind and are forced to make a tough decision:

Do I forget about the outlines and just do thousands of questions?


Do I forget about questions and read all the books and listen to all the tapes?

The answer is NEITHER! I can show you how to “keep up” with the schedule by reviewing the “key” rules and areas of law you must know—while preventing you from getting bogged down in hundreds of pages of material. Remember, you need a balance of law and technique, so you do need to know certain definitions “cold”, and I help you focus on those rules. I also teach you a three-step approach on HOW to do the MBE questions effectively, so that you know WHY you are picking B, as well as WHY A, C, and D are wrong.

To those of you about to sit for the Florida Bar Examination, I cannot stress how important it is to truly prepare yourselves for the journey ahead. Through the use of Jonathan Grossman’s video lectures, I was able to learn the black letter law that would be required of me on the bar examination. With the alarming passage rates in Florida, I feared being stuck in the pool of repeaters. Thanks to Jon, I was able to score a 151 on the MBE. I was also able and fortunate enough to attend his essay writing workshops where he taught me how to write exactly how the bar expects you to write. Thanks to these workshops and his help on my essays, I was able to score a 165 on the Florida portion of the exam. His method is straight, clear, and to the point. Do not miss out!

Ready to take a closer look?

Check out the videos!

Every student will also have a few subjects they simply don’t understand, or never focused on in school. The typical courses simply go too fast to allow you to review those trouble spots, which is where I come in—to help you fill those gaps.

Regarding the essays, most first-time students ignore any essay review other than reading “model answers” a few weeks before the exam. This leads to most students doing poorly on at least one essay, and puts them at great risk of not passing this portion of the exam. I designate a small but important part of your study schedule each week for essay writing, so that you painlessly develop a consistent IRAC writing style for the exam (which is MUCH different than Law School).

In fact, the essay portion is the most neglected part of a students review and can easily be worth a lot of easy points—if you know what they examiners want! By practicing a simple four-step IRAC technique, learning a concise outline method, and constant sharpening of your writing, you will not be sitting at the table that exam morning HOPING you recognize something to write—you will KNOW what to write and you will know HOW to write it!

In addition to practical training, my personal approach can guide you through all the unknown factors, such as What will it be like in that room? or how to handle the insecurity after a bad day of practice—I will be someone to turn to when you start panicking, someone with answers to all the rumors and urban legends you hear from other students and friends. I will keep you on schedule, guide you through the process with constant review, make sure you are practicing for the entire exam, fill in any gaps of law, and be your sounding board right up until the morning of the exam.

This will guarantee you are NOT “cramming” for the test, but rather using the last few weeks prior to the exam for review…which in turn will allow you to relax, and give you confidence—so you can walk into that room believing you WILL pass!

I look forward to working with you and making sure that this becomes a “one-and-done” Bar experience!