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Video Testimonials

AdaptiBar is the best preparation for the MBE portion of the Bar exam. They use real questions from past Bar exams and I found this to be very helpful in my preparation. The video lectures are another great feature of AdaptiBar. Jonathan Grossman explains the material in a way that is very easy to understand and memorize. He is straight to the point and gives many examples. After watching the videos I finally understood some of the concepts that I struggled with while I was in law school. The videos are also much shorter than the videos in some of the other commercial courses. They cover every important segment of the MBE topics but without going into unnecessary details. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the material like I did when I watched other videos. Jonathan also talks about techniques on how to approach the MBE questions. This helped me tremendously because I learned how to read the MBE questions, find the issue and pick the right answer. I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan’s lectures and classes to everyone who is preparing for the Bar exam. It is so worth it!!! I am forever grateful for Jonathan’s help.Thank you, Jonathan!
After having failed the Florida bar exam 4 times in a row, between 2013 to 2014, I knew I needed help. I had lost complete confidence in myself and didn’t know how to get it all back. Through word of mouth, a number of reputable persons within the bar-prep industry recommended that I team up with Jonathan Grossman.Jonathan is an absolute MASTER at coaching/tutoring students to pass the bar. The combination of Jonathan’s program and the AdaptiBAR videos, were the real reasons I finally passed the FL Bar exam on my 5th and final attempt. In essence, the AdaptiBAR videos SAVED MY LIFE.The AdaptiBar video lectures proved to be 2000% more effective and concise than the boring & overwhelming videos from those “large commercial courses”. The videos will equip you with all the information you need to pass each subject ( in 3 hours or less).If you do everything that Jonathan asks of you, YOU WILL PASS THE BAR EXAM. Trust me, I failed 4 times and had plenty of reasons to be discouraged.Jonathan, THANK YOU for all of your coaching, guidance, and mentoring. I will forever be indebted to you.
After experiencing success during my academic career, including all three years of law school, I was introduced to a word I hadn’t seen in all my academic ventures prior: “FAIL.”When I graduated law school, I did what the majority of my classmates did and I signed up for BarBri in order to prepare myself for the Bar exam. I did my best to follow their instructions and guidelines, which generally consisted of watching around 4 hours of video lectures per day, and what seemed like hundreds of practice problems after. The BarBri schedule had me working from sunup to sundown, and gave me a false sense of security in thinking that I was actually being productive; I wasn’t.Granted, this approach worked for many of my friends who took Barbri and passed the Bar on their first try. But for me, the approach seemed to value quantity over quality, sacrificing analysis and clarity for an arbitrary amount of problem sets. I felt as though I was learning tips and tricks for exam taking, and had little to no actual knowledge of the law in my head. Then, before I knew it, it was time to take the Bar. I felt so unbelievably prepared by this approach that, in retrospect, I should not have taken the exam. But I did, and I failed. Miserably.This is where Adaptibar and Jonathan Grossman saved the day. Mr. Grossman was highly recommended by a mutual friend, and I jumped at the chance for a fresh start. From day 1, under Jonathan’s guidance, I began re-wiring my brain and unlearning all the “tips” and “tricks” I had been told would ensure my passing the exam. The hardest thing I had to learn was that, in order to succeed on this beast of a test, I had to do something that I hadn’t properly done before during my Bar prep: I had to actually read the question.Adaptibar and Jonathan have a program that values quality over quantity, and rather than filling my head full of “tricks”, have a simple, yet effective approach to each question. For each question, you are simply urged to read the question and then ask yourself, “What are they asking me here?”. It sounds simple enough, but if you’re like me and you did one of any number of test prep courses, you know that you are urged to jump to the call of the question/read answer choices/read the question backwards before ever figuring out what the examiners are asking.Simply put, Jonathan made studying for the bar manageable, and he taught me how to study smart. There are no magical tricks or patterns. The most important thing I learned was to have confidence in myself and what I know, and to “shut up and pick it.”I give this program my highest recommendation.
Jon’s what’s the issue videos were a blessing as a repeat taker of the NY Bar Exam. Having already taken the full Barbri course the first time around, I was looking for a condensed video series that was able to teach me the fundamentals without having to spend all of my study time redoing the Barbri course. When I found Jon’s videos I was really pleased. I started out with just buying one of the small videos for my weaker areas to try out and later wound up purchasing the entire set of videos. My MBE score dramatically increased and I wound up passing the NY Bar. Thanks!!!
The words ‘thank you’ doesn’t cut it. I would have never, ever felt as confident as I did walking into the February Maryland Bar Exam had I not followed your approach. The first time I took the bar exam, I used one of the traditional ‘nationally recognized’ courses to prepare for the MBE and Essay portion of the Maryland Bar Exam. Going into the July test, I knew nearly half of the amount of the rules of law I needed for the MBE portion….and it showed on results day, having scored nearly 40 points below a passing score, a 98 on the MBE, and a below average score on the essay portion.Before continuing, I need to give a kudos to my mom, Barbara. She found you with a quick google and urged me to watch one of your MBE videos on Adaptibar. I recognized the value after just one video and told my mom to purchase the whole video package. From the first day I watched your videos and followed your methodology, I never looked back. Thanks to you, I knew the rules of law cold, as you preached in your videos, when I stepped foot into the test center that for the first day of the February exam. I was confident in my knowledge of the law to aggressively attack the test, and when I saw the answer I knew was right I told myself, “Nothing further is needed…SHUT UP AND PICK IT!”I won’t forget Results day for the rest of my life. I went outside my office, checked my phone, saw my seat number with the PASS next to it and nearly got arrested because police officers were unsure of my loud screaming and yelling with joy and triumph in my law firm building’s parking lot. I passed the bar exam this time by nearly 40 points above a ‘passing score’ in Maryland, increased my MBE score by 30 points, and increased my overall essay score by 16 points. I do want to add your approach helped me dramatically for the MBE AND the Essay Portion. 7 out of the 10 essays tested on the Maryland Bar Exam were MBE subjects!I can’t explain in words how much your approach helped me to attack this test—a test that I never thought I would be prepared for after the first failure. ‘Thank you’ won’t cut it either but I’ll end with this. A friend of mine who just graduated is (naturally like all law school graduates) very nervous for the MBE portion of the Bar Exam specifically. My advice to him was, “Learn the Rules of Law tested on the MBE cold and for each question, you will see the correct answer quickly and when you do SHUT UP AND PICK IT!!!!”
John Leppler
After taking (and failing) the bar exam twice a year for three years I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I had just finished getting my 6th denial letter for the February 2015 exam and was really considering giving up and not taking the July exam because at that point it seemed to be a practice in futility.However, a friend of mine recommended Jonathan’s program, and though I was skeptical at first because I had tried every other program under the sun I decided I truly had nothing left to lose and decided to give him a call. First, Jonathan told me that I was not alone and that he had coached many people who were multiple exam takers which immediately put me at ease. Failing and retaking the exam is such an isolating experience that you really feel as if you are alone during the whole process. It was a relief for him to tell me that I knew the material, but I simply wasn’t applying it in the right manner. More importantly, he said that somewhere along the way I had stopped believing that I could pass. Jonathan told me directly that he believed in me, but now he needed me to believe in myself. To me, this was easier said than done, but slowly as the weeks went by I started to relax more. Instead of predicting failure, I scaled my expectations back and instead focused on just understanding what the question was asking me. Telling that voice of doubt in the back of my head to SHUT UP AND PICK IT.Though he said I knew the material, Jonathan still recommended that I view his video lecture series posted on his site. As a repeat Bar Taker, I had already seen enough lectures to last me a lifetime, but I was committed with going all in and purchased all of them. The subjects were presented in the most straight forward way possible and really stressed the importance of keeping the basics as simple as possible. Rather than having these long and laborious definitions, Jonathan forces you to strip away all the excess fat and keep the meat of what you are learning. He presented it to me this way, “Do you want to get one question on the exception to the exception correct? or do you want to get the 5 questions on basic contract formation correct?” And by adopting that philosophy, I saw a dramatic change in how I retained the information! Before Jonathan, I knew (or at least thought I knew) everything on every subject verbatim, but after Jonathan I knew what I NEEDED to know to pass.When you fail, there is an automatic assumption that you didn’t know enough. That you need to dig deeper into the material and find all the subtle nuances of Products Liability, or all the exceptions to Hearsay, and for some that method works. But for me, I needed Jonathans videos to really prioritize the things that I needed to know. Get the simple basic black letter law down, and let the rest flow from there.Now, July has come and gone, and I am finally a licensed member of the Florida Bar. I truly could not have gotten over this last hurdle without Jonathan coaching me and I implore all of you who are struggling with this exam to get in contact with him!
Andrew B. Courtney, Esq.
Simple, clear and motivating are just some of the words I would use to describe Jon and his videos. It was my third time studying for the MBE and I felt like I was digging myself into a deeper hole every time I failed. That is until I met Jon and started using his program and watching his videos. I was so tired and frustrated of the commercial bar prep programs, not to mention all the money I spent for those. However, I was reassured by friends that the videos were worth it and would make all the difference, and they did. I created small outlines of literally everything substantive Jon said in the videos and those became my lifeline. The videos are short and concise that it’s almost scary, but like Jon says “that is all you need to know”. He focuses on the big issues that are actually tested and removes all the clutter that makes studying for the bar so overwhelming.I wish that I knew about Jon and his program sooner, I owe my success on the bar to him.
I can’t say THANK YOU enough. I finally passed the bar after “several” attempts. I tried other traditional bar courses and they did not work but your VIDEOS were definitely on point!!! I watched every video 3x and when I took the bar this time thethe answers were “jumping” out at me. THANK YOU again for creating those EXCELLENT videos. I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who needs to conquer the MBE. Your constant encouragement and test taking strategies was exactly what I needed to pass the Florida Bar!
Working with Jon on bar prep was nothing short of a wonderful learning experience that lead to my success in passing the FL bar exam. He has a streamlined, straightforward approach to bar prep that is proven and highly effective. Having been a repeat test taker, my confidence was shot and I was constantly stressed about my exam performance. Jon has a way of calming students and leading them in the right direction towards productive study habits and cutting out excess materials that other commercial bar prep courses waste your time with. His sense of humor and compassionate attitude combined with his expertise in the exam content and strategy leaves you in the best hands possible! I would recommend his services to anyone who needs extra help in passing the bar exam. Whatever your study style or methodology, Jon will find the right schedule and exercises for you to succeed and pass!